Securing IT Job Amid MSP (Managed Service Providers)


At this time in 2023, a year after the pandemic and with many workers working on a remote, hybrid basis, the question of whether full-time on-hand IT technicians is becoming a concern for those who have made their careers out of IT. The rise of IT managed services has been increasingly prevalent over the past five years. Following are some points to follow in your career plan if you really enjoy your job and you are feeling somewhat insecure of being “outsourced.”


  A. Brief overview of the current IT job market

  B. The rising trend of managed IT service providers and their cost-effectiveness

  C. Purpose of the document: Guidelines for IT professionals to secure their job positions in the context of emerging managed service providers (MSPs)

Understanding the MSP Landscape and Its Impact on IT Jobs

  A. Explanation of how MSPs work

  B. MSPs’ advantages over traditional in-house IT

  C. Illustration of MSPs’ potential threat to IT job security

  D. Key areas where IT professionals still have an edge over MSPs

Acquiring and Updating Relevant Skillsets

  A. Importance of continuously learning and updating IT skills

  B. Identification of critical skills for IT professionals in the age of MSPs: cloud services, cybersecurity, project management, etc.

  C. Tips for effective skill acquisition: certifications, online courses, self-learning, etc.

  D. The role of soft skills in maintaining job security

Demonstrating Value Beyond the Technical

  A. Emphasizing the importance of understanding business operations and strategy

  B. Ways to integrate IT goals with business goals: cost-effectiveness, enhancing productivity, etc.

  C. The need for excellent communication skills and teamwork

  D. Highlighting the importance of proactivity: offering innovative IT solutions, preventive maintenance, etc.

Becoming an Invaluable Resource

  A. Importance of customer service skills in IT

  B. Ways to build relationships with key stakeholders

  C. Creating a reputation for reliability and efficiency 

  D. Showcasing versatility and adaptability in the face of change

Navigating Career Progression and Negotiations

  A. Understanding the market value of your skills and experience

  B. Tips for negotiating salary and job security

  C. Importance of networking and professional relationships

  D. Strategies for managing career progression within the company

Conclusion and Future Perspectives

  A. Recap of the main strategies for ensuring IT job security

  B. Emphasizing the evolving nature of the IT field and the need for continual adaptation and learning

  C. Final remarks on the importance of being proactive and demonstrating value beyond technical expertise 

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