Lying Mistress
  • Getting Cozy in a Sleeping Bag

    Have you ever been camping?  Not with the kids; just with an overly sexed lover.  The kind that you know you will just surrender to in the sanctity of a thinly veiled canvas tent.  Wouldn’t do anything to protect you from hungry bears, but just enough to separate you from [...]
  • A Most Irresistible Dating Profile

    I am a married professional who can rock an electric guitar; or I can serenade you romantically with an acoustic guitar.  I am looking for a little spark in my life, but I am not looking to change my situation.  I can make lots of time to meet you and [...]
  • Plantation Paradise – Part 1 of 4

    The sudden dissolution of Samantha’s marriage had made her abandon her properly-planned thoughts for the destiny. She changed into only some months out of university when she met Todd. He become a attorney for a prestigious company, and by means of all symptoms he changed into a certain issue for [...]
  • Plantation Paradise – Part 2 of 4

    Julio led Samantha via the house to the returned, then excused himself to supervise the preparation of her room on what she considered to be a plantation paradise. When Samantha became to look out thru the open doorway she felt her breath trap in her throat. The doorway opened to [...]
  • Sex on Fire

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  • The Red Silk Ribbon

    I have a long red silk ribbon. I used to wrap it around the base of my cock all the way to the head (I’m circumcised), tightly, until the head turns super red. The ribbon is so long that the end is loose and I used to bring back to [...]
  • Adventures on the Ferris Wheel

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  • First Letter from my Dominatrix

    Submissive One, Mistress is pleased with your willingness for her to guide you through this process. Mistress will want to know if you are familiar with these kinky pre-sex positions Up against a wall. (Simply being pushed up against the wall and keeping both feet on the ground can have [...]
  • Strip Chess

    We had seen each other at the library several times after work.  The first time I noticed her was when I was returning books for my son for his school project.  While we were a “techno” family, I really believed in getting out of the house and introducing my boys [...]
  • Plantation Paradise – Part 3 of 4

    “How did you notice that?” she asked. Julia answered with a grimy smile on her face. “Honey, you left the mild on in your room behind you. You made a quite little silhouette on your balcony!” Samantha felt a warmness radiate from her soul that warmed her complete body. The [...]
  • Can’t Find Your Fantasy? Still Feeling Unfulfilled? Let us Know

    Can’t find your fantasy and you’re still feeling unsatisfied?  How many unfulfilled fantasies are you craving?  You’re looking for something niche to satisfy your debauched needs but can’t find it?  Drop us a note and we’ll come up with an original story for you.  We are taking requests.
  • Welcome to Altralto

    Welcome to  A site providing short erotic stories to the lonely women of the world.  The widows, the divorcees, and the unhappily married women.  You know who you are, but perhaps you don’t want to admit it.  Welcome to the blindfolded mistress of our time.