Migrating from Office 365 to Google Workspace

Google Workspace Data Migration

This is the first of a series of posts that serve as your survival guide when migrating towards Google Workspace and back. 

Yes, I said “and back.”  I say so because I’m quite confident that I’m the only mortal who migrated 200 users and 2TB of emails over seven years to Google Workspace, then back after not enjoying the Google Office experience. 

While many of you IT pros reading this probably have a love hate relationship with Microsoft, I’m pretty sure that when it comes to office productivity, you’ll agree that Google was a search company.  Though Microsoft is a largely diversified tech company with its tentacles in so many areas (think Windows, Xbox, Surface, servers, Active Directory, etc.), it is the reigning leader of office productivity.  This rests largely on their foothold with Office 365, or now Microsoft 365. 

If you haven’t figured it out yet, G-Suite is now Google Workspace. 

Why move from Office 365 to Google? 

What you need to know? 

Migration Steps 

Limitations and Uniqueness of Features 

O365 Groups 

SharePoint:  Love it or hate it 

SharePoint is OneDrive 

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