Google’s CEO Talks AI’s Big Role in Fighting Cyber Threats

Google's role in cyber threats

Google’s boss, Sundar Pichai, says AI is a big help in fighting cyber threats. He talked about this at the Munich Security Conference.

Cyberattacks cost a lot of money worldwide. In 2023, they cost about $8 trillion. This might go up to $10.5 trillion by 2025.

Pichai spoke with Emily Chang at the APEC CEO Summit in San Francisco. This event was part of the APEC summit happening there.

Pichai mentioned that AI is getting better fast. This can make our defenses against cyber threats stronger.

He also said we should worry about AI being used the wrong way. But AI can actually make our cybersecurity better.

More and more cyberattacks are happening. They are getting trickier and are used to cause trouble and get money.

Cyberattacks are expensive. They could cost even more in the future.

A report from Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre said AI might make cyber threats worse. It could make it easier for hackers to do bad things like ransomware attacks.

But, Pichai believes AI helps those defending against attacks more. It lets them spot and react to attacks faster. This helps solve the problem where defenders have to be right all the time, but attackers only need to be right once.

Google recently introduced new AI tools to improve online security. One tool, called Magika, helps find malware. They also suggested some ways to keep AI safe.

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Pichai said Google is using these tools in its products and systems.

He mentioned that now is a key time for those in cybersecurity. They can shift the advantage from attackers to defenders.

Big companies agreed to be careful with AI tools. They don’t want these tools to mess with elections.

Cyberspace is becoming a battleground, said former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Mark Hughes from DXC Technology said AI helps us react faster to cyber threats. It gives defenders an edge over attackers.

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