Strip Chess

We had seen each other at the library several times after work.  The first time I noticed her was when I was returning books for my son for his school project.  While we were a “techno” family, I really believed in getting out of the house and introducing my boys to the library.

Libraries today have come a long way from when I was a kid.  Much unlike grade school libraries of my youth, public libraries now offer a diverse audio/visual experience, console and computer gaming, in addition to the great books they offer.  Where I live, libraries are bilingual, offering a wide choice of English and French books.  Shit, they even offer audio books for those too lazy to actually read.

Libraries also provide a serene environment to study and get homework done.

When I noticed her, she had her children with her.  After several chance meetings at the return desk, I couldn’t help but notice how pretty she was.  She was roughly my age, perhaps in her forties.  Most of the time, she dressed relaxed, but recently, I saw her dressed very chic.  The first thing that I noticed were the stilettos.  I don’t know much about shoes, but I would have bet my life they were Italian.  They were so stylish that I was convinced she had purchased them in Milan.

She dressed like a professional. Gucci skirt down to her knees, a sheer turquoise blouse, and a pearl necklace.  This time I took notice of her hair, which was past shoulder-length, but in a bun.  Her glasses (I could tell Ray-Ban) made her look seductively intellectual, her lips painted red, her skin olive.  Everything about her suggested she may have been a lawyer.  She wasn’t wearing a wedding band.  Her fingers were naked to any other ring or alliance.

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