FNATIC esports got its Twitter account wiped for being ‘underage’

Someone at FNATIC decided to change the birthday on the Twitter account, not realizing that Twitter auto-bans users retroactively for being underage when the account was created. Whooops!

Whoops! It’s not every day that a huge organization manages to get one of its own social profiles deleted so we all have to point and laugh. It must feel bad to be the soul who altered the birthday setting on the FNATIC account, which saw the platform’s automated systems remove the account for misbelieving it to be owned by a minor.

What may have happened was altering the Twitter birthday to the organization’s founding date, which then made Twitter believe the account was created by the owner back when they were a minor. This โ€” of course โ€” wasn’t the case, but the system can’t seemingly differentiate between individual and business accounts, which seems like an odd oversight.

Still, it’s a bit of fun, and esports organizations (FNATIC included) all saw the humorous side.