An exclusive early look at Project xCloud’s game streaming setup wizard

Sources familiar with Microsoft plans recently gave us an early glimpse at the personal xCloud server settings and configuration pages, ahead of its broader launch in the near future.

Project xCloud is on the horizon, and it will come in two separate flavors. One version of xCloud, the one we tried at E3 2019, will allow you to stream from a pool of games directly from Microsoft’s servers, anywhere in the world. In order to set up this service, Microsoft will have to enter into discussions with publishers to get their games onto the system. We have reason to believe it will be tied up to the Xbox Game Pass subscription, and most likely feature a similar library of titles.

The other flavor of xCloud, will give you access to all of your personally-owned Xbox games, utilizing your home internet connection and console as a server. Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans recently gave us a glimpse at the set-up wizard for this version of xCloud, which could be right around the corner.

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