A Most Irresistible Dating Profile

I am a married professional who can rock an electric guitar; or I can serenade you romantically with an acoustic guitar.  I am looking for a little spark in my life, but I am not looking to change my situation.  I can make lots of time to meet you and make you laugh.

I am an accomplished and confident guy who’s travelled the world and has many experiences to share.  I am also funny and sometimes self-deprecating.

I am compassionate, gentle, attentive, and I’ve been told I’m a good listener.  I enjoy providing you lost happiness and satisfying your needs as much as you do with me.

I am looking for a secret long-term relationship with someone to run my fingers through her hair while I listen to how her day went.  I am looking for a secret companion, my muse.  Someone to share laughs with.  Someone to hold and kiss.  Someone to share fantasies with.  Someone to share the wins and losses of life.

Preferably, you are classy, elegant, and professional, with a naughty-girl side that perhaps few people know about.  You are married, have your own children, and you have as much at risk with your current relationships as I do.

I am not looking for motel romps in the afternoon near the airport at first, but rather a romantic friendship that may bloom into something satisfying.  I am a relentless sapiophile requiring much intellectual stimulation and I have a lot to give too.

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