The Martian Dominatrix

Astorville, Martian Colony, Mars. Year 2096 When I was ushered into the presence of the Queen, I knew I was in some quandary. No one saw her without having a price to pay for her […]

The Greek Prince

Cleopatra wanted to see Aleksander, the Prince from Greece who was smitten by her.  The Greek Prince also had a longing desire to meet Cleopatra. There were talks all over Egypt that he had rejected […]

The King of France

Being a woman in these times was hard but being a witch in hiding was even harder.  I was cooked up in my chambers all day with no friends. Well, with the exception of the […]

Plantation Paradise – Part 4 of 4

Carlos hoisted himself onto the ledge, and Samantha sucked in her breath whilst she saw the overall quantity of his hard cock that had been inner her. She knew he felt huge, but as soon […]

Plantation Paradise – Part 3 of 4

“How did you notice that?” she asked. Julia answered with a grimy smile on her face. “Honey, you left the mild on in your room behind you. You made a quite little silhouette on your […]

Plantation Paradise – Part 2 of 4

Julio led Samantha via the house to the returned, then excused himself to supervise the preparation of her room on what she considered to be a plantation paradise. When Samantha became to look out thru […]

Plantation Paradise – Part 1 of 4

The sudden dissolution of Samantha’s marriage had made her abandon her properly-planned thoughts for the destiny. She changed into only some months out of university when she met Todd. He become a attorney for a […]

Sex on Fire

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris quis ullamcorper leo. Vestibulum nisl tortor, pulvinar viverra lorem sed, condimentum aliquam ligula. Donec sagittis mi at feugiat dictum. Aenean nibh diam, feugiat eget neque vel, […]

Top 5 Books on Tantra

I have to say that learning the deer exercise and where to find the million dollar point, changed my life.

The Art of Oral Sex

Inevitable result   It’s nice if both of you can build each other up first. Once you’re both ready, he should give her head first, or you should use 69. A man comes down from […]

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