Thinking About Becoming an Uber Montreal Driver?

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Thinking About Becoming an Uber Montreal Driver?

So you’ve been thinking about signing up to become an Uber Montreal driver, eh?  I thought about it for almost a year before I put my procrastination in the bottom drawer and finally signed up as an Uber partner (that’s what Uber drivers are called).

While I hope this blog entry makes it around the English speaking world, it is intended for  Montreal-based readers intending to make the leap but whose answers cannot be found on of the various Uber blogs. Shout out to the rest of the world:  Montreal Uber drivers are as cool as those in any other city like New York and Toronto, except for the requirement to speak French.

Before I delve into the registration process I thought I would describe what my goals were and what I was expecting. First off, in no way did (or do) I expect to become rich. This should be clear. I was though, lured by the thought of making extra money on my own time, anytime, by driving people around. This made sense to me because I love meeting people and I love driving.

Get Cracking!

In summer 2015, I clicked an Uber ad and signed up through email.  I received a step by step guide and was pointed to the Uber Partners website.  

I intended to serve south shore (Longueuil). I felt there would be less heat from the MTQ (Ministère du transport du Québec) and the Montreal Taxi bureau with all the negative press we’ve been seeing.  About eight months after I registered, I decided to complete the registration process and give it a go.

Creating my profile was a cinch.  I uploaded a photo of my car, and provided proof of driver’s permit, vehicle registration, and insurance.  This was done by taking photos of each document and uploading each one in the intended fields.  I also provided a photo of my vehicle, which met the requirements of being under 10 years old.  The user interface seemed a little rudimentary.  All-in-all this step took about 15 minutes with all the document gathering and photo sessions.

The next step, the validation, was out of my control.  I would receive notification within 24 hours as to whether my documents were valid, then the Uber Team would proceed to request my driving record from the S.A.A.Q. (Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec) as well as a security check with a reputable security firm.  This step would take up to 10 business days but usually only took about two.  After 48 hours, I shot a follow-up email indicating there was a glitch in the system and I would have to come in person.

That afternoon, I showed up with documents in hand.  There were many people in the office to sign up. This was taking off.  I signed the consent form, had my photo taken, and off it went to the security firm.  I would get news within 48 hours.  

What Not to Expect?

I waited seven business days before emailing Uber Team.  I was informed the request hadn’t been made.  Some hiccup or something.  I was told I could obtain my driving record and this would save time that had already been lost.

I went straight to my local S.A.A.Q. office and requested my driving record, which was printed within minutes.  (Normally, drivers don’t have to obtain their driving record on their own.  Uber will handle this, but in my case, some glitch occurred and so I took matters into my own hands).

Before returning to the Uber Montreal office, I made sure my car was immaculately clean, vacuumed, armor-all’d and had nice air fresheners.  I pointed myself to the Uber Montreal office with my SAAQ (Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec) driving record and voilà, my account was activated.  I had already installed the Uber Partner app on my iPhone 6 but with the help of the Uber folks, had to configure it from within my device’s Utilities/Settings (which took about a minute).  I was all set!

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