Top 10 Vinyl Albums For Any Cocktail Party

Top 10 Albums to Play at a Cocktail Party

You got a cocktail party coming up and don’t know what to play?  As turntables are becoming cool again and vinyl is making a comeback, here is my collection of some of the best vinyl albums to put on and let play.  If you want to make annoying people leave your party, then check out this list.

 1. Bags Groove – Miles Davis

I’m quite aware that many readers aren’t keen on jazz.  That is until they listen to Davis’ standard, Bags Groove.  This album is Davis at the apex of the Bebop movement, on heroin, making for the best ambient background music.  It’s subtle, bluesy, and gets many people into jazz.  This is the perfect “piano bar” music.

Cocktail Party Vinyl Album - Miles Davis Bags Groove












2. Kind of Blue – Miles Davis

Almost the same can be said about Kind of Blue – While Bags Groove is “piano bar” music, Kind of Blue, for me, is “cocktail party” ready.  The beautiful thing is that this album flows like one long song.

 Cocktail Party Vinyl Album - Miles Davis Kind of Blue











3. It Had to Be You – The Great American Songbook – Rod Stewart

If anybody thought Stewart resorted to covers because he needed the extra cash then nothing he ever does will win their hearts over.  Stewart is a virtuoso with his voice and in 2002 when this album was released, was seasoned enough to take on the crooners.  Good job Rod!  This is the album that your aunt and uncle will say, “this is Rod Stewart?”  if they even ever heard of him.

 Cocktail Party Vinyl Album - Rod Stewart It Had To Be You











4. A Swingin’ Affair – Frank Sinatra

Sinatra in his junior years, but at his best.  His voice changes pitches subtly, and the band would be just as great without him.  Sinatra in the background is time tested ice breaker.  Everyone has something to say at a party from his days in the Rat Pack, his alleged mob ties, his classiness, his inspiration on Michael Buble (but who cares, right?)

After all, who doesn’t enjoy listening to Sinatra?

Cocktail Party Vinyl Album - Frank Sinatra A Swingin' Affair












5.  Live at the Regal – BB King

The best live album of all time comes in at number 141 on Rolling Stone’s top 500 albums of all time.  Sets a good blues-rock big band thing in the mid to late evening.

Cocktail Party Vinyl Album - BB King Live at the Regal












6.  Hot August Night – Neil Diamond

Here’s Diamond in his rock-on, substance user days, no Jazz Singer here.  A Neil Diamond landmark.  Great stuff!  Double live album.  Appeals to all ages.

Cocktail Party Vinyl Album - Neil Diamond Hot August Night












7.  Legend – Bob Marley and the Wailers

The undisputed best classic reggae compilation album is also the best-selling reggae album of all time.  It spans Bob and the band in all periods of their career until his untimely death in 1981.  From the romantic Is This Love, to the slow No Woman No Cry, to dancing to the disco reggae hit Could You Be Loved? This album will give you 50 minutes of timeless listening.

Cocktail Party Vinyl Album - Bob Marley and the Wailers Legend 











8.  Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Elton John

Undoubtedly (but arguably) Elton John’s best double album.  Wikipedia refers to Goodbye Yellow Brick Road as his magnus opus, as do many of his fans.  GYBR is John’s first double album and if you get the 2003 30thanniversary, four bonus tracks are thrown in.  Woo hoo!

Cocktail Party Vinyl Album - Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road












9.  Tuesday Night Music Club – Sheryl Crow

Three Grammies:  Not bad for a debut album that was originally rejected by the record label.   A kick ass debut album for Crow.   A must for every cool party.

Cocktail Party Vinyl Album - Sheryl Crow Tuesday Night Music Club












10.  Unplugged – Eric Clapton

The 1992 Grammy winning album that catapulted Clapton back into the Stratosphere after suffering the terrible loss of his four year old Conor.

Cocktail Party Vinyl Album - Eric Clapton Unplugged













Please let us know what you think about our cocktail party album list.


Top 10 Vinyl Albums For Any Cocktail Party or Just to Listen to With Friends and Good Company

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  1. TNMC was never released on vinyl, and wasn’t rejected by her label. She cut a full album in 1992 that was produced by Hugh Padgham, and that one was rejected. This was the replacement offering. A little research goes a long way.

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