Sochi City Hall Gives OK to Kill Stray Dogs

Shaun White Snowboarding - Sochi 2014 Olympics - Shaun White Withdraws - Patrick Chan

Unfortunately, not everything about the Olympics is positive.  Today, I learned that Sochi City Hall has another problem to worry about other than female terrorists:  Dogs.

I turns out there is a population of abandoned dogs roaming the city and the Olympic installation.  Animal activist Dina Filippova has come out saying the local authorities are using the Olympics as an excuse to shoot the dogs on sight.

The ultimate irony is that while many American visitors love dogs, they are unused to this.

When a Russian city worker asked whether he enjoyed shooting dogs, he simply replied, “dah”.

sochi city hall gives ok to shoot stray dogs

Rumors heard by Altralto suggest the poor performing Russian nationals may end up the way of the dog, thus making much more room for new up and coming athletes to be sponsored by Vladimir Putin’s government.


Sochi City Hall Gives OK to Kill Stray Dogs

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