Rapper Amoney Calls Himself A Superstar and Does His Best to Back It Up With A New Song @aMONEYsuperstar

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AMONEY The Superstar

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money has attitude. The good, punk-rock, in-your-face kind: it’s in his picture, surly expression and assertive posture. It’s in the name of his songs “Megaman,” his full artist name (AMONEY the Superstar), and in his official bio (”Midwest artist from Michigan, Very Talented). Most importantly, it’s in his music. AMONEY’s lyrics are delivered with an assured sneer that recalls Lil’ Wayne; a poly-rhythmic sense of meter a la Jay-Z; an ability to convey personality in a single verse similar to Wiz Khalifa.

[ Sounds Like: Drake, Lil Wayne, Tyga, LMFAO, Chris Brown ]

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“Mega Man” by


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Composition: 4/5 Arrangement: 4/5 Performance: 4/5 Production: 4/5 Hit Potential: 4/5


His song “Mega Man” is a recent 2012 release for the artist, and brings both good and bad qualities to the table. On the one hand, it’s well done hip-hop—the analogies are clever, the humor is snarky, the bass is thudding. However, the track suffers from production that at times feels amateurish. The vocals are mixed too loudly; the actual beat feels subdued and restrained. There’s enough oomph in the ghetto-blaster bass to make cranking this track an appealing idea, but AMONEY’s vocals are so much louder than the music that the proposition becomes a lot less appealing. The song also cuts off abruptly—almost as if somebody pressed pause on an endlessly replaying loop. In short, the track feels a lot like a demo; a diamond in the rough. Rushed and imperfect, but this isn’t completely a mark against it: AMONEY still manages to put together music that makes you pay attention, listen, and get a sense of his creative urgency, raw cut or no. It isn’t groundbreaking, but it packs enough punch for a pretty hefty impact.


It’s nothing you haven’t heard before, but it’s done very well. AMONEY’s precise flow and raw personality go a long way to making this a stand-out listen; enjoyable despite it’s flaws. It’s easy to imagine AMONEY producing more of this stuff for the rest of his career, and staying competent, loud, and average — it’s equally easy to imagine him erupting into a hip-hop artist to be reckoned with. It impresses without amazing. On “Mega Man,” the glimmers of greatness are there, which more than makes it worth spending the time it takes to listen to.



AMONEY The Superstar

Riding high on impeccable wit and a liquid smooth flow, Benton Harbor, Michigan’s AMONEY the Superstar is rising through the underground hip hop scene as the days go by. Just as his name implies, this up and comer is poised to take on the heavyweights of his division, relying on a completely freestyle rapping philosophy which guarantees his work is consistently 100 percent extemporaneous and original at all times. Now blazing his trail through the community with his first mixtape Snackin 4 Beats, his career is taking off with the speed of a G6.

Raised on hip hop and RB from a young age, AMONEY started recording and rapping by the 7th grade, honing his talents into the razor sharp edge he possesses today. Proud to be born and raised in the town formerly known as “Riot City,” his hard-nosed upbringing helps deliver a rock solid attitude with the force of an anvil throughout each and every song. While utilizing a number of hip hop, RB and rock influences, he generates songs fit for rap fans across the country with his own unique flair.

Now with nearly 10 years experience, AMONEY finally released the first installment in a series of mixtapes, dropping the atom bomb known as Snackin 4 Beats onto the unsuspecting ears of the music industry. Jammed with 12 songs highlighting his affinity for completely freestyle, off-the-cuff artistry, the album keeps on punching from beginning to end.

While teaming up with the Mafia Gang Music Group, the Riot City native also recently unveiled his first music video for “Mega Man,” which is already creating a stir on YouTube and other social media outlets. A stripped down, straight-to-the-point video, the crew highlights AMONEY’s extreme rhyming talent, as he mesmerizes the camera for every second it shoots.

With a handful of local performances under his belt, AMONEY continues to pursue larger exposure and opportunities to showcase his talent. The search is currently on for management and promotion, and he is already developing material for another issue in the Snackin 4 Beats mixtape series.

Snackin 4 Beats can be streamed or downloaded in its entirety from his official ReverbNation page, along with the exclusive single “Wild Out.” The video for “Mega Man” is available on YouTube, and fans can check out the official website or Facebook pages for more information. Follow him @amoneysuperstar on Twitter for all of the up to date news and thoughts from hip hop’s latest freestyle champion.

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