Obsessive Compulsive Music Lists for the Seriously Hooked

Obsessive Compulsive Music List

Obsessive Compulsive Music Lists 

Folks, in the coming days, you will be subject to a new series that I am calling Obsessive Compulsive Music Lists.  While the title or use of the words obsessive compulsive may be construed as offensive, I mean no harm whatsoever.  If you can suggest a better name for these, then offer one and I’ll definitely consider it.

Until then please you’ll appreciate that music will no doubt invoke some obsessive compulsiveness with many of you as (if you’re anything like me) I know that many of you have your favorite artist or album and with the the new advent of smartphones and other mp3 media players, can now create playlists of the same song over and over again!  Are you like me in that you have no problem listening to the first 8 seconds of a given song repeatedly (ad nauseum)?  Then these lists are for you.

In short, these lists will feature an artist and accompanying youtube videos of the same song performed at least 5 different times.  You know how you liked that version of the Eagles Hotel California on the Farewell Tour but didn’t like the one as much on Hell Freezes Over?  Or how about the different live versions of Eric Clapton’s Crossroads?  Well you’ll get to compare.  Cheers.  Until then.


Obsessive Compulsive Music Lists


Obsessive Compulsive Music Lists

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