Music Suggestions for Your Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Party

With Super Bowl XLVIII soon approaching I am sure there are millions of households scrambling for their last minute Super Bowl party plans this Sunday.  Whether you intend to have Super Bowl pregame party or celebrate the entire day, there will be continued arguing up to the last minute as to who among the group of friends will be this year’s host – with as many varying deciding factors such as who has the biggest TV, whose wife is out of town, will the kids be with mom or dad this weekend?, it won’t matter.  It will be figured out sometime by Saturday afternoon.

Like any Super Bowl party you’ve got to get two things really under control:  the food and the pre-game music.  Party food suggestions will appear in an upcoming post.  Let’s talk about pre-game music.

A good way to get the mood is to play fight songs.  A good way to annoy your friends if they root for the other team is to continually play your team’s fight song.  Get your Youtube app on your iPhone, dock it, and set repeat to your favorite fight song.

End the fight song antics before the game.  Just before the game start, make sure everyone pops open a cold one and don’t forget to sign the National Anthem as patriotically as you all can!  Make sure someone is filming this and post share it on Instagram or Facebook.  I’m sure there is a Facebook Super Bowl Party fan page.

Or you can just make a play list of the last 20 half time shows

Denver Broncos Official Stadium Song


Seattle Seahawks

What does the hawk say?

Seattle Seahawks Anthem 

An Almost Ultimate Football Song

21 to 17 by Doug Supernaw
The Ultimate Football Song


The Boys of Fall by Kenny Chesney – really the ultimate football song
Super Bowl Party

Music Suggestions for Your Super Bowl Pregame Party


Again whether you only have a super bowl pregame party or an all day super bowl party, don’t drink and drive.  Designate driver ahead of time (this would probably the hockey player at the party).

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