A Taste of Irish Music Featuring a List of Irish Guitarists

Irish guitarists

A Taste of Irish Music Featuring a List of Irish Guitarists


We’ve got to definitely honor some of the most influential Irish guitarists we could name.  Our choices range from modern indie to sixties and seventies vintage rock and hardcore blues.  Some may say these guitar players may not play so much Irish music as they have made their names in their respective domains.  If you want traditional Irish music go here.


10.  Noel Hogan – The Cranberries

Noel Hogan

Noel Hogan is the guitarist and co-songwriter of Irish rock band The Cranberries. In 2003 The Cranberries decided take a break after more than a dozen years of touring, promotion and recording which had seen them clock up album sales in excess of 40 million. Noel turned to focus on his own music and began working with programmer Matt Vaughan, who had already worked with Noel on unreleased Cranberries material. In May 2005 Noel released his new tracks under the name Mono Band, more a collaborative effort than a solo album, the record featured Alexandra Hamnede, Richard Walters, Kate Havnevik and others.


Following the release of the Mono Band album, Noel teamed up with ex-Theremin vocalist Richard Walters to form Arkitekt. Together they released two EPs ‘Black Hair’ and ’14 Days in 2008 and 2009′ with work all but completed on a full length album to be released in the near future.


Over the last several years Noel has been developing his production work, working with bands like Limerick’s Supermodel Twins, Mullingar rockers The Aftermath and Reema, a Cork band who have just finished their debut album with Noel.


In 2009 Noel released Tonelist on his own Gohan Records imprint. The album is a collaboration with Limerick Live 95FM’s Green and Live show, and is a collection featuring better-known and up-and-coming bands from the Limerick music scene.


In August 2009 The Cranberries that they will reform for a live tour with dates confirmed in 2009/2010 in North America, South America and Europe.




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