“Gorgeous Waste of Time” by Deadman




Deadman hails from Madrid, Spain, though their lyrics are in English, and boast a diverse range of influences. In their own words, their sound draws from “the darkness of Bauhaus to the elegance of Radiohead to the dirty punk of the Pixies.” A quick listen of any of their songs affirms this, and offers a few immediate impressions: they like the guitar, they play it well, and they play it loud. This is rock that hearkens back to an earlier era, when you wore your heart on your sleeve and the baring of your soul was measured through the intensity that you progressed through snarling chord-work. It’s music that, no matter your opinion of it, announces itself, offers a presence that almost assures you’ll either love it or hate it. Deadman is a band that forces you to take notice and form an opinion.


“Gorgeous Waste of Time” is a number of their self-titled 2010 debut album. It’s exactly the song you’d expect to hear going from the name alone: half-bitter, half-melancholy recriminations about an unrequited love. You know, oldest story in music: singer is in love, love is indecisive, things are complicated, he’s torn and ravaged and doesn’t know where to go from here. Overdone as this theme may be, there’s a reason that it keeps showing up, and that’s because it’s powerful ore in the hands of talented musicians. Deadman, fortunately, skip right past cliche and humdrum and manage to craft a work that is both lyrically and musically commanding. Memorable, affecting, with genuine thematic tension between lyrics and sonic presence. The song drifts, subdued, before roaring in a snarling tangle of droning guitars. Vocals follow suit, with the singer shifting between tonalities that sound self-pitying one line, rejectionary and aloof the next. There’s enough of the band’s own particular experiences and enough of the situation at large to create that’s both immediate and universal: simply put, it’s great music, the kind of stuff you could find listening to over and over if it catches you in the right state of mind.


You could be generally unimpressed with the musical side of things and still be swept away by the lyrics, or you could be a more musically-oriented person who passes over poetic pondering for the heavier aural side of things. Either way, this is quality music just waiting for you to dive into, and speaks very well towards the quality of the rest of the album.



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